Findom Relapse – Are You On The Verge Of Relapsing, Addict?

"A man's brain is week and feeble. Findom is a drug that runs deep in your veins and in your soul. You can never quit. Eventually they all relapse even deeper than before".    Goddess Lila

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You are such a weak findom addict....right on the edge of an expensive findom relapse.  You tried to stay strong for as long as you could but that's not possible anymore; your findom addiction is too strong. The the urge to relapse too great. You are aching to stroke. You are aching to send. You are a findom addict desperate to get ruined for a beautiful woman not afraid to take what she wants from you.

Findom Relapse Is Inevitable. Findom Addiction Is Real.  

You can't resist Me, Goddess Lila. You want to pay. You want to relapse and send. You are not going to think but simply obey My commands. Click the button below. Click subscribe. Send a $25 tribute to start your drain session. No thinking. No hesitation. Just do it. Obey. Send. Relapse. 

The Findom Relapse Cycle

Cash pigs like you permanently go through cycles of spending, quitting and relapsing. This is a way of life for you. You will never be able to quit your findom addiction. Destined for a lifetime of paying Me for all eternity. Relapse bitch. Do it.

Relapsing Only Makes You More Addicted To Findom

Every relapse only reinforces the fact that you are an addict. Every time you spend thet findom addiction pattern gets more ingrained in your brain. There is no escape. You are a just a loser pay pig. Only good for sending. You aren't strong enough to resist My power. I take what I want from losers like you. 

Findom Addiction Loser 

The twisted thing is that after relapsing again and again you even become addicted to relapsing! That's another addiction to add in the bag. That's how pathetic you are, not only are you unable to quit findom, you become a slave to the findom addiction cycle itself. The definition of findom is to send without getting anything in return, and that is exactly what you are going to do.

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What is a findom relapse?

A relapse occurs when an loser addicted finsub spends a nice chunk of change and cancels or deactivates his account thereafter in an attempt to stop spending. Prime example below. 

This dumb loser spent $1,200 in just a week as I brainwashed him into sending again and into a zombiefied bitch with the sole purpose of paying Me. He's the perfect example of spiraling into findom addiction; there's no escape. 

Findom Relapse Example

Despite cancelling, pathetic loser will eventually relapse. The triggers I've implanted in his brain make it impossible for him to escape forever. He has been programmed to return to his mind programmer and send more. He will lurk in the shadows until he finally explodes and goes on another binge. This cycle will repeat ad nauseum. 

Findom Addiction Example

Here we have pay bitch loser G. G has been calling My phone lines on Niteflirt on and off for the past two years. During that time he's cancelled his account at least 8 or 9 times, only to to inevitably return and beg Me to turn My lines on. His findom addiction is a 9 out of 10. 

G is a stupid little bitch who lives to be My human atm machine pay pig. Sending Me money makes him so weak... sometimes he feels overwhelmed and tries to escape My iron-fisted grasp but the bitch always comes back crawling on his knees begging for a second chance. 

findom relapse loser

Next I've got this findom addict/blackmail bitch... We'll call him "D". I've known him for awhile and he sends to Me on Niteflirt as well as AVN Stars and IWantClips. I know a very deep, dark, disgusting little secret about him and called him out in My exposure/call-out clip Group Blackmail. If you watch this clip you'll figure out what it is... It involves financial infidelity and is one of the worst ways you can betray a loved one. It spooked him enough to where he cancelled his subscription to Goddess Lila @AVN Stars

Now a few months later this pathetic loser is back and bought My clips Dangerous Findom Affirmations, Relapse Into Findom & Findom Counseling Fantasy. I knew he was weak and vulnerable and made him send, which he did of course... all while being terrified like a pathetic little bitch. 

Why Do Losers Constantly Relapse?

Quitting a findom addiction or deeply ingrained habit takes a lot of mental fortitude, strength and discipline; something pathetic losers lacks. It's easier to give in and submit. My power, dominance and cutting yet thruthful words make it nearly impossible for a finsub to quit permanently. You will always come back and send more.  

How Can I Stop Findom Addiction?

You can't stop findom addiction loser. Goddess Lila is everywhere. You'll even see Me in your dreams. Once you've had a session with Me I'm imprinted in your brain forever. The memory of My power is stored in your mind. It cannot be erased or scrubbed. It becomes part of you.

Accept that you won't be able to stop your findom addiction. This is you. And thank Me for explaining it so clearly to you by sending Me a tribute below.