Findomme & Financial Dominatrix

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Goddess Lila

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"If you don't pay you don't exist. Think you've sent enough? Triple it"   Findom Goddess Lila

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I'm a professional financial dominatrix and have drained many pay pigs with My manipulative findomme ways. Asian Findom Goddess Lila knows how to read your mind and use your weaknesses against you. Ready My findom blog in order to learn more about findom. Check out My findom stories to find out how your findomme has ruined countless men and check out My findom tributes.  No matter what your weakness is,  findomme Goddess Lila will discover it and use it to manipulate even more cash out of you.

Financial Dominatrix Ruins Finances 

I am findomme & financial dominatrix with the innate ability to bring pathetic losers and dumb paypigs to their knees.  I'm a professional findomme and an expert at draining money from pathetic losers.  No matter what your weakness is, I will find and exploit it loser. Join My AVN Stars fan club here here for exclusive photos and videos. My fan club is the only place where you can interact with findomme Goddess Lila if you tribute and spend accordingly. Financial Dominatrix Goddess Lila does hard cash drains at My fan club. 

I am a cruel and unforgiving financial dominatrix and findomme who rules her femdom empire with an iron fist. I enjoy coming up with new, devious ways and humiliating tasks to whip losers into shape. Findom Goddess Lila offers Asian femdom training and humiliatrix sessions online.

As a findomme, I offer numerous online slave training options include pay pig cash training, blackmail fantasy, long-term slave ownership, chastity training (keyholding) and more. Sessions are also available via AVN Stars, Niteflirt, and IWantClips.  If you are interested in a session with financial dominatrix Lila simply subscribe to My Goddess Lila AVN Stars page and inquire. Read My femdom blog in order to become a better submissive. 

Asian Findom & Femdom Goddess

Searching for a ruthless Asian findom Goddess? I'm an Asian findom Goddess who is extremely ruthless and greedy. There's nothing I enjoy more than manipulating losers into sending. As an experienced femdom goddess I excel at mind fucking and humiliating losers into submission. 

Findom Clips & Videos 

I have a large selection of findom clips and videos for sale. I produce, shoot and edit all of My findom clips. All of my clips are HD and the newer ones are shot using professional-grade equipment. Browse my selection of  findom clips and get weak. Send. 

Send Asian findom Goddess Lila a tribute to start and get ready spend it all. I am a greedy findom Goddess who takes what I want without any mercy. 

How To Be Useful To Findomme Goddess Lila 

That being said, the only way to be useful to financial dominatrix Goddess Lila is to tribute at my AVN Stars or IWC  Clip Store. Nothing else serves Me but your money. There is NO OTHER WAY TO SERVE ME. Findom Goddess Lila is strictly an online goddess and financial domination mistress.