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Last updated 8/24/2021

   AVN Stars Summary:

AVN Stars is an adult platform that enables adult content creators to monetize. AVN Stars offers 80% payout on all tips, subscriptions, PTV's and clip sales. Most impressively, the site offers traffic.

Key  Features:

  • Internal traffic
  • Get paid on demand
  • 80% payout with a $25 minimum
  • Geo-blocking
  • Responsive support
  • Frequent site feature updates
  • Clip store




Site Features 

Reliable Payouts

Clip Store

Why You Should Trust Me

AVN Stars

My name is Goddess Lila and I'm an active domme on AVN Stars (my profile can be viewed here). I've been using this site for over a year and very familiar with all site features. My highest rank on the site so far has been #10 in November of 2020 and I have placed Top 10 in a total of 9 weekly contests which are heavily influenced by paid votes or earnings. 

What Is AVN Stars aka AVNstars?

AVN Stars (also known as AVNStars) is one of the newest and fastest growing platforms online and it's generally always advantageous to start building a fan base on a new site before it takes off. AVN Stars offers numerous ways to generate income including selling subscription based memberships, receiving tips, selling clips, broadcasting live and promoting their referral program.  Click here to sign up and earn $$$ today.  

Is AVN Stars A Good OnlyFans Alternative?

There are numerous OnlyFans alternative sites available but AVN Stars is one of the more viable and reputable one around for sex workers. It is superior to OnlyFans due to its homepage and explore page which makes it easy to find new customers. With OnlyFans, creators were responsible for driving their own traffic 100%. AVN Stars offers traffic which is a huge bonus to any creator. In addition, AVN Stars is an adult oriented platform so you don't have to worry about being booted off the site. 

AVN Stars Features 

One of the main differences between AVN Stars and OF is the "Explore" page. This feature makes it easy to browse and discover new content creators. Clicking "Explore All brings up all of the latest updates or "free posts" which may include photos or videos. The "Stories" tab enables browsing via individual stories while "Clips" allows the user to discover the latest released clips. AVN Stars "live" is a feature which enables artists to go broadcast live (via webcam) and interact directly with viewers.

Users have the ability to "follow" and "subscribe" to profiles. Some profiles may be free while others may have more content behind a paywall. 

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AVN Stars Offers 80% Payouts

AVN Stars currently offers 80% payouts on all earnings (including clip sales, tributes and PTV's) which is among the highest in the industry. This is a big deal as the industry average for clip sales is 60%. It's a new platform which means it's easier to rank and gain market share. 

Withdraw Payment Any Time

Models can withdraw payment at any time with a $25 minimum. There is a 7-day hold time from the initial payment to your account to when it can be withdrawn. Cashout options include ACH, Paxum and wire. 

Geo Blocking

AVN Stars provides the option of blocking members by country and ip. 

Sell Clips On AVN Stars

AVNStars currently offers 80% payouts on clip sales. This is a big deal and significantly higher than the industry average of 60%.

AVN Stars Clip Store

AVN Stars clip section is updated frequently with new features. AVN Stars provides the ability to sort your clip store via "top selling" first plus models also have the ability to "pin" clips they want to be showcased at the top. Clip store items can be customized further by uploading a trailer and image cover. Clips can also be scheduled ahead of time.

AVN Stars also offers a "Free Access Link" feature. This allows models to provide free access to their content library to select individuals. Sign up and open your own clip store today

Earn By Sending PTV's

AVN Stars enables models to earn money by sending out PTV or "pay to view" messages. PTV's can also automatically be triggered after a certain amount time after a member follows or subscribes. 

AVN Stars offers the ability to send audio messages or MP3's via PTV as well. The limit for an audio message is 10 seconds if you simply press the "microphone" icon, but it's easily to get around this by recording it separately via a voice recorder app on your phone and then uploading it. I've noticed that audio quality is significantly higher when using an external app vs the built in one which seems to overcompress the file resulting in a "muffled or "less clear" sound. 

Broadcast Live & Receive Tips

Models have the option of broadcasting live on AVN Stars. Broadcasting live, enables your profile prominently in the "live" section in front of the "stories" as long as your profile is set to "public". Broadcasting live enables you to receive tips and paid votes from both current and new fans. Going "live" is probably one of the best ways to gain prominent visibility on the homepage. 

Models have the option of making live shows available to subscribers only, all followers or everyone. Models also have the option of restricting other models from entering their chat room. Making a cam show available to "followers" only, is a quick way of gaining new followers. Live broadcasts can be posted on your timeline for members to view. 

AVN Stars supports RTMP protocol for streaming which means models can use OBS. Models also have the option of streaming via phone. 

AVN Stars Provides Internal Traffic 

The biggest difference between AVN Stars and Onlyfans is that AVN Stars provides a decent amount of internal traffic. I think of AVN Stars as a large playground with plenty of opportunities to advertise including the "trending" page, "media" section, stories and "live" features. 

Gain Followers On AVN Stars By Posting "Stories"

Another way to obtain exposure is by posting a "story". Adding to your "stories" moves your story to the front of the queue for more visibility. A story" can be anything from a few seconds of video (limited to 1 minute) to a photo. 

Get Traffic Via AVN Stars "Trending" Page

AVN Stars has a homepage which currently features the following categories; Free Clips, Being Viewed, Black Women, Trending Stars, Recently Uploaded, Top selling & more.  Being featured in any of these categories means free exposure. Free clips automatically get posted in the "Media" section which is accessible to all members. 

Earn More With AVN Stars Weekly Contests 

One of My favorite features on AVNStars is the weekly contests. Each weekly contest has a different theme. The most important factor in the contest is paid votes. I don't have a particularly large fan base yet so far I managed to place in over 10 weekly contests so far and have amassed $3,725 in contest money. 

UPDATE - As of May 2021 AVN Stars is no longer holding weekly and monthly contests. This is rather disappointing to me as I rather enjoyed the contests and won numerous cash prizes. 

I found the contests useful as it motivated a lot of members to send paid votes within a short span of time.  As a result I was able to earn more and earn more exposure. The statement about "devaluing content" seems slightly patronizing to me. 

I've never sold content at a lower price in order to place in the contest but if a creator would like to do so, they should be able to. It's purely a business decision and only that creator can place value on what their content is worth. 

Why Become An AVN Stars?

If you are a content creator and considering signing up I highly recommend it. Payouts are currently at 80% (as of March, 2021) for both tips as well as clips. This is a big deal as the industry average is 60%. It's a new platform compared to IWantClips and Niteflirt which means it's easier to rank and gain market share. 

The "Explore" page is a huge plus as it makes it easy to get discovered by new members. This is the main advantage AVN Stars has over Onlyfans as you'll need to drive your own traffic with the latter. I have personally found many new spenders from the site itself.

AVN Stars Breakdown

One of the best and most high traffic clip sites for femdom and findom clip artists


  • 80% payouts on everything 
  • Lots of internal traffic
  • Constantly updating site features
  • Prompt support


  • No more weekly contests   
  • Model earnings rankings no longer public   
  • Live streams glitches a lot           


Now is the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a new yet growing platform. AVN Stars is a platform with a lot of internal traffic and numerous ways to be seen on the site. One of the biggest pros is the high payouts at 80%. 

Another pro is that AVN Stars is frequently adding new features such as the ability to send audio PTV's and most recently adding a built-in video preview or trailer editor. They don't seem to make formal announcements of these updates but it's a pleasant surprise when you stumble upon something new. This also shows that AVN Stars is proactive about making their site better and making it more user-friendly for both creators and members alike. 

The cons are more personal gripes as others may find the lack of a weekly contest and public ranks as pros so those concerns are really subjective. The live streams glitching however is a thing that is a real issue.  A stream will often glitch for viewers as well as broadcasters. There are times when I can't read the chat or when members are unable to type in the chat. It's a minor issue in the scheme of things and hopefully something that will get fixed soon.