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Last Updated 3-11-2021

What Is Niteflirt? 

Before Onlyfans and IWantClips there was Niteflirt. Niteflirt (sometimes mistakenly spelled as "Nite Flirt") is one of the oldest and most established phone sex sites online that is particularly popular with online dommes. Niteflirt is a lot more than just a phone sex site; it's very interactive due to the chat feature while members can also peruse "Goodies" and purchase clips and various other "PTV" (pay to view) content. 

Get Free Minutes When You Join 

One of the best promotions at Nite flirt is the fact that you get 3 free minutes when you sign up for the site here.

This will enable you get a feel of how the site works and allow you to call the Flirt of your choice without any commitment. 

How To Browse Niteflirt

There are two ways of browsing Nite flirt; via the online site at Niteflirt or by calling the main Niteflirt number at 1-800-863-5478.  Calling the 800 number will enable you to browse each listing by hearing her "Greeting Message".  

You will definitely come across more Flirts by browsing the online site versus using the phone system. The reason for this is because Flirts who have their pricing set over a specific rate are simply not featured when you browse through the greetings. 

 Niteflirt  can be browsed online by going to the homepage and clicking through the main listings or navigating through the various categories. Popular categories such as "Fetish" and "BDSM" have sub-categories. Clicking through a profile will enable you to find out more information about a flirt including the type of calls provided. 

Many Flirts have multiple lines. For example, I have a financial domination line, BDSM line and ignore line

One the more popular categories is "Phone With Cam" which offer webcam shows via Skype. In order to use this feature, simply call the Flirt on Niteflirt on her Skype Niteflirt line and then she will call you on on the Skype app. Skype calls are billed per minute through the Niteflirt connection.  

How To Make A Call On Niteflirt

Goddess Lila at Niteflirt

To place a call simply call the number on the left-hand side of a Flirt's listing and dial the extension number once connected.

Make sure to add money to your account before placing the call in order to avoid interruptions. A Flirt's rate per minute is listed underneath the "Call" button. Flirt set their own rates which can vary with the average being around $1.99.  

Once you run out of minutes, the call will be automatically paused and you'll hear an automated prompt to add more money to your account. The call will automatically resume once funds have been added.  

Below the 800 number are links to send mail, add a Flirt to your favorites and to send a tribute. 

All new members receive 3 free minutes when you sign up for Niteflirt. Click here to claim your free minutes.

Buying Goody Bags

"Goody Bags" may consist of a clip, MP3 file or PDF file. The newest Goody bags can be found by navigating to the "Goodies" tab in the main navigation bar. The list of goodies appears to be updated daily. 

Individual Flirts' Goody Bags can be viewed by clicking the "Goodies Tab" in her profile. All purchased Goodies are accessible in your "File Player". 

How To Initiate A Chat On Niteflirt 

One of Niteflirt's most interactive features is the "Chat" feature which allows members to chat directly with a flirt. In order to initiate a chat, navigate to a Flirt's profile and click the "Chat" tab. Click "Chat Now" to start a conversation. 

Chat's are billed at .99 per "volley" (which is one message back and forth when the Flirt responds within 12 hours). Chats do not reveal any personal identifying information as Niteflirt keeps your number confidential. Niteflirt even automatically removes the exif data from any photos sent to maintain privacy. 

Niteflirt Chat

Tributes can be sent directly during a chat by clicking on the "$" button. Members have the option of blocking a flirt or closing the chat by making a selection from the settings menu in the right-hand corner. 

Some flirts (as Myself), will not chat without a significant tribute. My preferred way of using this feature is strictly for findom and femdom sessions only.

How To Use Niteflirt's Message Center 

Niteflirt has an intuitive message center that enables members to receive emails and communicate with flirts. Once you initiate a transaction, you end up on a Flirt's customer list and may receive PTV's and other promo emails. Simply click on the "Mail" icon to read and respond to messages. 

How To Leave Feedback On Niteflirt? 

Members are able to leave feedback aka a "review" after every call, goody bag purchase or PTV purchase. In order to leave a review simply navigate to the "leave feedback" icon in your account center. You can leave a review by leaving a rating between 1-5 stars in addition to writing a written review. A Flirt's reviews can be viewed by clicking the "stars" on her profile. 

How To Add Money On Niteflirt

Adding Money to your Niteflirt account is easy and safe. Simply navigate to your Account Center and click "Add Funds".   A credit card is necessary in order to add funds to your account. Proceed to enter in your credit card details.

Niteflirt uses SSL technology for safe and secure transactions. 

Using The "File Player" 

Any content, regardless of purchased as a Goody Bag or PTV is stored in the "File Player". Clicking the "File Player" will enable you to stream or download content. There's also an option to add content to a "playlist". 

This is a very useful features as all purchased content is stored online at Niteflirt. You don't have to worry about running out of hard drive space or losing access to content in case of a hard drive failure. Click here to start browsing all available "Flirts" - Get off tonight!  

PTV's Aka "Pay To View" Messages

One of Niteflirt's most unique features is its Pay To View messages. Now many sites like OnlyFans and AVN Stars also have Pay To View options but not the same as Nitefirt's. Niteflirt's enables the PTV's to be sent automatically when a member clicks on a link which gives Flirt's the ability to create fun PTV games. This is simply not possible on sites where opening a PTV doesn't automatically trigger a new one. Click here to learn more about My exciting Niteflirt PTV game

Is Niteflirt Safe?

Niteflirt is one of the oldest and most established adult sites online and completely safe. Your number is never shown to the other party and everything is completely confidential. Niteflirt offers a Safe Shopping Guarantee. In addition, Niteflirt also uses SSL technology in order to ensure that transactions are secure. 

$10 "Web Registration" Offer

Nite flirt current offers members $10 free by converting a phone registered account to Read more about this offer here

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Sites Like Niteflirt

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