Paypig #1 Spent $16,000 Total & Paypig #2 $14,000 (With Video Proof)

Last Updated 7-21-2021

As an experienced findomme, I have collected numerous useful paypigs on numerous platforms whom all exist for the mere purpose of paying and funding My life. Some of My send long term while others are good for quick and fast drains. 

I have a paypig at AVN Stars who is at $14,000 and one on Niteflirt who is at $16,000 lifetime spend. You can see the video of My AVN Stars statistics with Pig #1 below. He's a loyal bitch and has spent a lot on Me on numerous platforms (not just AVN). 

What Is A Paypig?

The definition of a paypig is a someone who sends solely for the sake of money. Sending to Me gives him the ultimate pleasure and sexual satisfaction. He is not sending tributes or paying in order to receive anything. He sends because I deserve it all. Some paypigs can be easily goaded into sending more with a little humiliation, hypnosis or mind fucking. My article "What is Findom ?" offers more insight into this niche.

Posting videos of My pay piggie earnings as screenshots can be easily faked. Goddess Lila never posts a fake screenshot. I don't need to. 

The paypig above knows his true purpose in life is to send to me. He never hesitates. Never waivers. Never deletes his account after a big spend. He sends to Me on numerous platforms and has purchased all of My clips at IWantClips. He has simply accepted his fate to be My pay slave. You should too. 

Want to be My pay pig? Subscribe here, send a tribute and message Me "Goddess Lila, I want to send". NEVER message Me on ANY platform or ask ANY questions without a findom tribute as I generally block for it. Approach with a tribute pay pigge or get lost. 

Pay Pig Maxed Out  

Here is a paypig whom I easily maxed out at My AVN Stars page. AVN's daily limit for new users is $500. He easily spent that in a few minutes and opened up a second account and maxed that one out as well.  

This paypig bitch (I'll call him "S") is into heavy findom humiliation and verbal abuse. Just a few powerful words from Me was all it takes to get the floodgates going. He's a fast drain which is My favorite. It shouldn't take too long or much effort for Me to drain you dry. If you require long periods of time between tributes I may just not even bother. I like it quick, easy. Effortless. I've drained this loser numerous times and he has spent thousands on Me. His biggest drain in a day was around $1,600. He has a tendency to disappear after a hard drain but Goddess knows that findom relapse is inevitable.  

ATM Machine Paypig

Next up we have a little human ATM machine paypig at My AVN Stars page. As soon as this idiot signed up he told Me he wanted to be My ATM machine. A bit of mind fucking here and there before you knew it, this little paypig was dispensing cash; bill after bill for Me. 

A good pay pig will contact AVN Support and ask for them to raise his daily $500 limit. Goddess enjoys large drains and a good paypig should make any effort possible to please Me. 

Long Term PayPig

One of My paypig and finsub simps from Niteflirt is at $16,000. This loser is addicted to paying Me so I can look good for real men. He is the real definition of a finsub; he pays without wanting anything return. He pays for the sake of paying; because I deserve to live My best fucking life! Damn straight I do! Finsubs have no choice but to pay the Almighty Goddess Lila. 

Now This Is A Real Paypig 

This finsub bitch managed to only call Me a whopping 9 times and as you can see, he doesn't even dare to bother Me on Chat too much (only 105 chat volleys back and forth). This is my favorite type of pay pig! One who sends for the sake of sending without asking for much in return.

It is always the cheap, broke losers who send a lousy $10 and then expect the world as if they just did you a huge favor... and then actually have the audacity to expect something in return! There's a difference between tributes received for selling services btw, (such as chat, phone and femdom skype) versus a real paypig who sends just for the sake of sending. This bitch, sends just to make Me happy, and it does! 

My Finsub Hit $16,000 

Update - As of today this paypig has reached 15k already! At the time I posted this article he was at 10k approx but he has far surpassed this amount! 

I am quite positive that this paypig will eventually hit the 10k mark; he is quite close so far... This pathetic loser sends Me tributes on a daily basis.... Some of his tributes are for Me to look good for other men... He will also often click on one of My PTV's and pay for his small dick loser tax...

Other times he will simply pay after watching a certain clip because I specifically told him to pay every time he he watches it! The money just keeps rolling in day after day.... I can literally not even turn My lines on and rake in the money from this pay pig! Ahhh, such is the life of a real Goddess. 

So You Wanna Be My Paypig?

It's very simple. Sign up at Nitefirt here and simply start sending. That's how you make an impression bitch. Impress Me. Match him. Prove yourself. Walk the walk. Put your money where your mouth is. 

Here is some wisdom from Me, the one and only Goddess Lila. God. "Inaction is a slow death". Take fucking action bitch! If you want to do something, DO IT! Stop reading about it. Stop dreaming about it. Just start sending.